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Celebrating Over 175 Years

Welcome to God's house, whoever you are, of our household or of another faith or a wanderer or a searcher. Be welcome here. Pray for us, and for all sinners, alive or departed, that God's mercy may draw us all one small step nearer to Love's unveiled and dazzling face.

Our Mission:
Christ Church, the presence of the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee in Brownsville, Tennessee, seeks to make Christ known in our area to every person by service to individuals and groups both in our area and abroad: by offering meaningful and beautiful worship services in the Anglican Tradition to all; by presenting opportunities to learn the story of God's love and ways to incorporate this in our lives to adults and children; by offering spiritual support, prayer, and care to those who need it; and by inviting and welcoming all persons into God's family, increasing God' kingdom on earth.


Worship Services:

Worship services are offered each week as follows:

  • 1st Sunday – Morning Prayer (with Lay Leader)
  • 2nd Sunday – Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion
  • 3rd Sunday – Morning Prayer (with Lay Leader)
  • 4th Sunday – Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion
  • 5th Sunday - Morning Prayer (with Lay Leader)

Sunday services at 10:30 a.m., unless otherwise noted.
Please worship with us at any time.

We are under the guidance of the
Rt. Rev. Don E. Johnson, Bishop of West Tennessee. (


Education and Organizational Opportunities:

We offer the following opportunities for Christian Education and Fellowship.

  • Weekly Worship
  • Christian Education opportunities
  • Episcopal Church Women (organization)
  • Altar Guild (organization)
  • The Order of the Daughters of the King
    (religious order for women;


The History and Heritage of Christ Episcopal in Brownsville, Tenn.
By Katherine Horn

View of Christ Episcopal from an original 1890s postcard.

Our History:

The Episcopal Church was established in Brownsville on August 25, 1832, and the name selected was Zion Church. This was changed to Christ Church some years later to prevent confusion with some other churches in the county with the same name. 

The first rector of the parish, the Rev. John Chilton, was also the first clergyman to be ordained in the state of Tennessee, and he served until his death in 1840.

Rev. Chilton lived on a farm two miles south of Brownsville where he also taught a school in a small wooden building known as St. Gregory’s Chapel.

Services of the church were sometimes held here, and in Brownsville, they were held in the courthouse until the existing lovely Gothic Revival brick church was erected in 1854.

In 1969 the church underwent extensive restoration, and a brick parish house was added which blends beautifully with the church – the oldest church standing in Brownsville.


Contact Us:

Christ Episcopal Church
140 North Washington Ave.
Brownsville, TN 38012
Office: 731-772-9156

Mission Council Members
Margie Stoots, Senior Warden
Peggy Williamson, Junior Warden
Virginia Fiedler, Secretary
Susan Sills, Historian


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